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Less Complexity, More Client Focus

We realised that by making each step in the client management process a little bit easier, we could give you more opportunities to focus on your clients. So that’s what we did.

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Welcome to Stress-Free Client Management

We think simple is best – and we’re sure you agree. That’s why we reduce the time, effort and overwhelm involved in managing client care, with simple workflows that make admin tasks faster and more efficient.

Instantly track activity and performance, automate claims and approval management, and create invoices and reports in a single click – all from one platform you can access from anywhere.

Why Cared?

Reduce admin time

It’s simple – less time managing clients means more time helping them achieve their goals. By streamlining your entire workflow, Cared lets you do more, faster.

Ease your workload

Cared makes client management simpler by turning inefficient manual processes into smooth, automated actions, like one-click invoice creation and instant reports.

Get instant visibility

Access all the insights you need on participants, support teams, claims, funding and approvals, with powerful reporting and activity tracking.

Access from any device

Work when you want, where you want, on the device that suits you. Our intuitive cloud-based platform gives you the freedom to work your way.

Every Feature You Need to Simplify Care Management

Activity tracking

Track insights, funding, plans, activities and interactions for participants and support teams.

Service providers

Search and book relevant service providers, and share preferred suppliers with your team.

Instant invoicing

Automatically generate invoices and send instant statements for activities, charges, or plan financials.

Document repository

Store, access and share participant resources and communications from a central database.

Goal and support tracking

Monitor, manage, and report on participants’ support and goals.

Dashboard reports

View participants, funding, plan due dates, and staff performance, and use data to improve.

Automatic reminders

Receive auto-reminders for key dates such as plan reviews.

Service agreements

Instantly create service agreements with a single click.

NDIS integration

Create NDIS bulk upload files instantly with one click and support your claims reconciliation process.


Ensure compliance with NDIS audit requirements and access chronological insights on participants for easier monitoring.

Organisation & team management

Store and access employee records, company details and communication in one place.

Claims management & approval automation

Capture billable hours for multiple participants with simple notes integration.

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