Imagine this scenario. You are shown a picture of a cake. Then, you are given a cupboard full of ingredients and are told to replicate the cake. What’s missing? A recipe. Support Coordinators who try to execute an NDIS plan without understanding the participant’s journey are like bakers trying to make a cake with no recipe. If you strike it lucky—you might get it right. But, it’s far easier to get the job done when you have a recipe in front of you. In order to understand your participants and assist them to achieve their goals, you must have a full view of their NDIS journey. This is the only recipe for sustainable success.

No Room for Hit and Miss

Support coordination is a complicated job. With masses of information to sort through and complex decisions to make, you have to map out the best way forward for your participant. And, as you well know, every participant is different. Their particular goals and challenges are unique to them. If you attempt to provide support based only on a surface level understanding of your participant, there is a risk mistakes will be made. This can cost your organisation, your participant and you.

Imagine, for a moment, these scenarios:

  • You suggest a service provider, only to find out your participant has used them in the past and was not happy with the experience.
  • You connect your participant to a service provider that can’t cater for their particular needs.
  • You wrongly assume that a particular need has already been met by your participant’s education system or healthcare provider.
  • Your participant contacts you to ask a question about an issue which previously occurred in their interactions with the NDIS. You don’t know the answer.
  • You assist your participant to set a short-term goal and then discover they have already achieved it, with the support of a previous Coordinator.

These scenarios all show a lack of transparency in the current systems and processes. This lack of transparency leads to misunderstandings and mistakes.  In particular, these issues occur when a support coordinator doesn’t have access to the full history of a participant’s interactions with the NDIS. Support Coordinators play a major role in the lives of NDIS participants. Having a full view of your participant’s NDIS journey is imperative. There’s no room for hit or miss.

Getting the Recipe Right

The best support coordinators take the time to understand participants. With the right information, you can execute a plan which ensures participants meet their goals and can access the support they need. Much of this necessary information is historical. When did the participant begin to engage with the NDIS? What was their support experience like before this point? How have their needs and goals been met and then adjusted? Without this information, you are starting from a blank page. But, people are not blank pages. Currently, there isn’t an efficient method to view a participant’s NDIS journey. This means Support Coordinators are left in the dark when making or updating a plan. At CARED, we want to see that change. We know how important it is for you to understand your participant’s story. By having a full view of a participant’s NDIS journey, you can ensure mistakes are not repeated and goals are met. The CARED platform allows Support Coordinators to view a comprehensive picture of every single interaction between a participant and the NDIS. A deeper understanding of a participant’s needs—both past and present—means you can do a more accurate and efficient job. This is the recipe for success.


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