As a Support Coordinator, you are expected to know the best service providers in the business. You’ve been to plenty of ‘meet the service provider’ events and your inbox is full of new providers introducing themselves. There are some providers you love working with and others you avoid. When it comes to effective support coordination, it really is about who you know. A platform which allows you to collect and share your pool of service providers would be a game changer. For Support Coordinators who want to remain competitive and efficient, this is an unbeatable tool.

Trustworthy database

If your team had an internal shared database of service providers, you could work more efficiently. As you work with providers, you could add these contacts to your pool and keep track of the relationship. You wouldn’t have to rely on external directories or personal contacts, you would have a trustworthy internal resource at your fingertips. NDIS participants rely on Support Coordinators to provide the best possible advice and connections. This means you need to trust the service providers you recommend. A platform which allows your team to build a network of trusted service providers is a great safety net. You can guarantee all participants are being directed toward the right providers.

Sharing is caring

Teamwork means sharing resources. In order for your organisation as a whole to flourish, each Support Coordinator needs access to the most effective tools. Creating an integrated database of service providers means every member of the team—from the most expert to the newest addition—knows which service providers to use. Further, this system ensures when the team changes, precious information is not lost. New Support Coordinators don’t have to start from ground zero. A resource like this is a worthwhile investment for the long term benefit of your organisation and the participants you work with. The best Support Coordinators have the information necessary to execute plans well. A resource which facilitates this is sure to boost your market competitiveness

Maximised efficiency

As a Support Coordinator, every minute counts. The more efficiently you work, the further a participant’s NDIS budget can stretch. A collective database of service providers saves you time. With all the relevant information and history in front of you, searching for the right provider becomes far easier. Count the hours your team spends finding (and re-finding) service providers. This time could be used more efficiently, if your organisation had an internal database of trusted service providers. No-more panicked phone calls, ‘Can you remember the name of that provider we met a few months ago?’. ‘What was your experience with this provider? Should we engage them again?’. Instead, the knowledge you need is at your fingertips.


For Support Coordinators, knowledge is power and your network is everything. An internal database of service providers means you can remain competitive, maximise efficiency and provide reliable advice. Trial the CARED platform for 30 days to see how easy it can be.

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