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Hi, we’re Cared. We take the time and complexity out of client management, so you can stay focused on what you do best.

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You’ve got enough on your plate – so we’ve made client management quick, easy and hassle-free. By replacing inefficient processes and time-consuming tasks with beautifully streamlined workflows, we help you cut the countless hours you spend on admin.

And that means more time to focus on what really matters – like supporting participants, growing your business, and securing the best outcomes for every client.

From automated invoicing to seamless service bookings, simple funds tracking to instant reporting, our highly-secure, time-saving platform is here to help you do a whole lot more.

Unlock more time

By automating processes and removing inefficiencies, Cared is your time-saving secret weapon.

Stay on track

We know transparency is critical, so our platform lets you track client activity, funding and performance at a glance.

Drive your business forward

We boost your efficiency, so you can boost your profits. And by cutting your admin hours, we give you more time to grow your business.

Deliver better outcomes

This is what it’s all about. And with Cared in your corner, you can focus on helping more clients achieve better goals.

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Support Coordinators

Discover time-saving client management tools that free you up to focus on supporting your clients.

Plan Management

Streamline your client management and spend more time driving your business forward.


Simplify your tasks with automated processes that are faster, more efficient, and more compliant.

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